It's not just about thinking outside the box. It's about thinking
inside the target's head.
A lot of places sell lists. But not everyone understands them. At RedBird, we don't profess to know everything. But we know a lot more than a lot of those other guys, because we do something they don't. We listen. We don't ask, "what kind of list do you want?" We ask, "what kind of results do you want?" We first strive to know your product, your market, your target, and your objectives. Then we apply what we already know. How to find lists. How to analyze them. How to create new lists. How to make an old list do new tricks. And what makes this list more likely to work for you than that one.

Let us show you how we work. Call or email us to discuss your next project. Or for a free quote on list strategy or research. Or just to ask us what we think - about anything. We're pretty confident that once you discover how much more RedBird can do, you'll want to fly with us.